Top 10 Best Free Android Games 2018

Gaming had been most common activity everyone chooses irrespective of age with the increase in Android Smart Phone users. Playing best cool android games is really the best time for Android lovers. So, Android users are really lucky to have the best google android games from the biggest Google Play Store.

As every Android user is aware of Google Play Store allowing users to download unlimited apps and cool games for Android from play store. But, we can’t really say all those games are interesting to play depending on individual choices.Also check Best websites to download pc games for free

Below, I have made some pretty cool list of Android games to play from Google Play Store depending on the game rating and reviews by the game addicts. So, guys looking for the best top rated android games can check the list and can download them rather than downloading some boring games and later killing your time on uninstalling them.

Finally, I don’t want to waste your time anymore and just scroll down to discover best amazing free android games 2018.

Top 10 Best Free Android Games 2018:

1.Ludo King

Ludo King had become the most popular game with really unbelievable downloads of some 100 Million and had also had a game review of 4.4. Really this game becomes so addictive and also can forget the time by playing this Ludo King Game with your friends or family.

This game can be played by 2 to 6 Players at once. Single player can play Ludo King with the computer itself challenging the game with the computer. Recently, had an update on Facebook to play Ludo King online with Facebook friends or any Facebook user.

Highlights Of Ludo King:-

  • One of the best Android Games with awesome graphics.
  • The game is so interesting killing the opponent token and saving your token to reach your goal safe.
  • Ludo King is a user-friendly game available for free from Android Play Store.
  • Recently, the game had an update with another popular ancient game “Snake & Ladder”

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2.Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Have you ever participated in Racing in your real life?? If you are too much interested in racing, this best Android Racing game Asphalt Xtreme will really fulfill your need with the awesome racing experience with the amazing graphics feels like you are really a racer.

Asphalt Xtreme is one among the best cool android racing game with nearly 10 million downloads and game rating of 4.5 with a huge positive feedback from game lovers.

Android user’s needed to have a space of 1.1 GB to download this best android racing games 2018.

Highlights of Asphalt Xtreme:

  • Really had an amazing graphics feels like a real racing with sounds.
  • Had a collection of many cars.
  • The game is available to play Offline.
  • Can be played with friend using multiple players and start a race between you guys.
  • The game is so addictive for racers.

3.Critical Ops

Critical Ops is another best 3D multiplayer action game with terrorist operations with an awesome collection of guns in the game. You need to choose two teams among your friends and game starts fighting each other using the guns given and the bullets are counted. You can unlock new modes of games, Features and more guns by completing levels.

Critical Ops had downloads of nearly 10 million with the game size of 240MB. Critical Ops is completely action game with amazing weapon collection.

Highlights of Critical Ops:

  • Can experience best Action-packed Modes.
  • Unlock more Amazing Weapons.
  • Fun and more addictive game with awesome graphics like a real-life experience.
  • Awesome Game Play.

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Hearthstone is one of the best fun free android games so addictive with a game rating of 4.4. Hearthstone is a fun game where we need to unlock cards, build decks Etc., You need to collect powerful cards and create mighty decks to defeat the opponent challenging you in completing all the tasks.

Play Hearthstone with your friends and defeat them and need to fight for Glory. Hearthstone required good internet connectivity to play because of real-time combat.

Highlights of Hearthstone:

  • The game is full of Fun And Addictive in collecting cards.
  • Defeat opponents with collecting cards and building decks.
  • Best Competitive Real-time combat.
  • Rich on the single player mission.

5.Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is the best shooting android games where you need to complete levels with the most lovely visuals and design. You will be moved to another level by successfully completing all the missions in the battle field. Unlock different modes, aircrafts, guns, sheilds etc from the battle feild. You can picxk your favourite aircrafts assembled and can start playing challenging misiions.

Highlights of Sky Force Reloaded:

  • Experience the best sky drive by choosing aircrafts from the game gallery.
  • Best game to accept difficult missions and unlocking different modes.
  • Best visual and graphic mode game.
  • Earn rewards for picking up your fallen friends.

6.Plague Inc

Have you ever heard of any game spreading some diseases as a challenge?? Yes, Plague Inc is top rated free android game to accepot challenge to destroy the world using the diseases from the game. This will be the best fun android game where you can feel that the whole world is under your control spreading some harmful disease to complete the tasks in the game.

These are some Best Free Android Games 2018 found from Google Play Store.

I recommend you guys to try these best games on play store for free. Get connected with us by subscribing with us using your email is to get more updates on the best collection of all latest free game apps for android now. Don’t forget to share your best experience on playing these games in the comment section.


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